How can I enroll my child in the program?

There are only two ways to enroll your child in the program.
1. Online Registration through one of our enrollment options: Annual Registration or Semester Registration
2. On-site Registration on a specified day before the start of the academic year in early August. The date for on-site registration is TBA.

When is the deadline to enroll my child?

The deadline for early enrollment for the 2017-2018 academic year is July 15th, 2017. Students can still be enrolled up until the first day of the year, August 20th, 2017. Afterwards, exceptions after are due to extenuating circumstances, such as moving into the region, emergencies, or due to recent conversion to Islam.

Do you offer financial aid?

We offer limited financial aid to families in need. Only families with exceptional circumstances will be considered. Please read our financial aid requirements to check if you qualify. If you believe you do, please register and contact us to complete the process. Each application will be reviewed by our staff and aid will be granted based on total aid money available and extent of need.

What grade will my child be put in?

For Quran, every child is tested and placed into the appropriate grade level based on their knowledge. Therefore, there will be a wider age-range of students within Quran classes. For Islamic studies, students are enrolled in grades based on age.