Insight Academy aims to develop a strong Muslim identity and a lifelong interest in Islam in all of our students, through fostering an atmosphere where an authentic identity can organically develop through meaningful interactions with Muslims and participation in transformative religious experiences. In our Preschool to 8th Grade program, we seek to instill a deep interest in Islam through thought provoking discussions that highlight the relevance of Islam in the daily lives of our students.

Our belief is that an effective Islamic education must fuse knowledge and character in order to develop both an intellectual and emotional attachment to Islam; therefore we emphasize teaching the wisdom behind our beliefs, actions, and lifestyle. Students will not only be taught how to perform ritual devotional acts, but will also be taught to appreciate the benefits derived from these actions. It is our belief that such a fusion of teaching the how and the why will make our students appreciate their faith and be more inclined to practice it in all spheres of their life.