At Insight Academy, it is our belief that traditional textbooks that focus on names, dates, and regurgitation of historical facts are not effective educational tools and do not facilitate an interest in or an attachment to Islam. Therefore, we have created a curriculum that uses vivid stories to introduce concepts, which then develop into activities and discussions where students collaborate together in co-constructing knowledge. The curriculum has been designed to reflect the nature of our students’ identities as American-Muslims, emphasizing cultural relevance that students can relate to.

The curriculum emphasizes three main subjects: (1) Core Religious Knowledge, (2) Islamic Character, and (3) Islamic Culture. The curriculum is presented through a series of units, where subjects are interwoven in a holistic manner. For example, while salah (ritual prayer) is part of core religious knowledge, a unit on prayer will include the etiquettes of prayer and its role in Islamic culture as a form of gathering and socializing Muslims. The curriculum, in its totality, aims to give students the basic literacy in Islamic subjects that will allow them to practice Islam and deal with the challenges they face growing up as American-Muslim youth.