Assalamalaikum Parents!! Hope you had an amazing thanksgiving break with your family and friends. I sincerely apologize on the late post. A few urgent things came up that prevented me to update the blog.

On November 23, 2014, we finished our lesson on siblings. I had the students group up and have them create a lesson plan about siblings and the importance of sibling. Masha Allah each of them did above and beyond what was required of them. They additionally talked about their letters and how their sibling reacted to the letters when they gave it to them at home. Through assessing them, I realized how much respect and love they have for their siblings. I ask you, parents, to keep on encouraging the bonds between sibling, doing activities that make them closer and just keep an energetic atmosphere for them to bond.

As for homework, they finished their classwork in class, so they had no homework. When they return, insha Allah we will begin our next lesson which I will post after Sunday insha Allah!!

May Allah(SWT) bless your efforts!!! Enjoy your weekend!

A little quote you can read out to your children about siblings!!!